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Humans Suddenly Disappeared PART 2

Hana wanted to leave such a hostile environment but she had no choice but to go with the others to collect fresh water. They traverse underground until they come to a cliff. Three people will go down, Ryo, Han and a girl from Summer A named Nijiko. Ran gives Han a flashlight and Takahiro gives her a first aid kit. Then they go down searching for water. Ango also goes down a different path to look for an alternate way down.

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Takahiro spends time with his dogs. Seeing this, another Summer A member named Gengoro gets sad. Gengoro had raised a tiger since he was a child. But, he had to kill it during the test. Takahiro tells them that animals don’t think like humans and that the tiger probably does not hate him. Meanwhile, Hana goes down on a rope ahead of Ryo and Nijiko.

Ryo recounts his gruelling knife training with Takashi and how he taught them all to be brutal. He pulls out his knife and cuts Hana a’s rope. She falls down in the abyss. Then, the two go back and tell everyone that Hana fell. I wonder how. So, Takahiro and Haru decide to go save her. Gengoro and Koruri from Summer lso come along. Han actually survived the fall because she was wearing her plot armour that day. She uses Takahiro ‘s first aid kit on her wounds.

Then she travels further until she finds freshwater. High above, Haru starts playing music to guide her. Elsewhere, Ango is investigating a section of a cave all by himself. He starts thinking about Shigeru and the guilt starts eating him alive. Hana looks at the picture of her father and thinks back to the past when he said that if anything happened to him, she should go to a place called Sado. Just then, she hears Haru a’s flute. So, she writes a message on her boomerang and throws it to them. They are relieved to know that she is alive.

Suddenly, Ango also arrives looking for water. When he sees Han alone, he suspects that she did something to Ryo and Nijiko. He approaches her, she gets scared and in the confusion, Hana falls into the water. The strong current starts pulling her. Takahiro and the others also arrive. They see Hana struggling and they quickly jump to her rescue. As they come to save her, Hana yells at them that Ryo cut her rope and let her die. Ryo was also probably the one who pushed Haru into the swamp earlier. And much to my surprise, Ango is shocked to hear that Ryo did such things. So, he was not guilty of their attempted murders.

Koruri is shocked to see Ango just standing there without helping. Just then, Hana loses her grip. Gengoro jumps in after her, but the current is too strong and he does not find her. Takahiro blames himself for not taking action. The moment they go out, he furiously confronts Ryo for killing Hana. Takahiro picks a fight with Ryo. But, Ryo heartlessly mentions how Hana a’s mother or Takashi a’s wife also drowned to death in the Ryugu shelter, and this was just fate. Ango pulls out his gun on Takahiro but he throws a rock at him, injuring his hand. Takahiro pulls out his knife, but Koruri stops him and asks him why he did not help Han as the river currents pulled her. Ango says that the others would have saved her. Koruri is disappointed as this is the same shitty behaviour that their professors had.

Madonna also comes forward and tells everyone about Ango trying to force himself on Hana. Everyone from Team Autumn, and Team Spring is disgusted at Ango. Especially Takahiro, who knocks him down.

One Team Autumn member named Sakuya was a law student and he says that they should conduct a trial for Ango. Ango threatens to take his team away. But, Ban, the healer, wants to stay back to take care of Kurumi who is pregnant. Gengoro does not want to leave the animals and the people behind. Madonna and Koruri are absolutely disappointed.

Ryo is the only one left for Ango and the two of them leave the group together. After they are gone, Nijiko from Summer A and Ran from Autumn make plans to extract the underground freshwater as both of them have experience in construction. Takahiro still believes that Hana survived. So, he goes to the underground river and throws in a rag, in the hopes that it will reach Hana and his dogs can sniff them out. There, he meets Madonna collecting water. They see an animal drinking water and Madonna kills it with ease much to Takahiro ‘s amazement. That i’ll be you, Takahiro, if you ‘re not careful with Madonna. She is also impressed by Takahiro a’s herbal knowledge and asks him to teach her more.

Ran and Nijiko are arguing about the best way to bring the water out. With the suggestion of another member, they agree to build a new settlement closer to the river. As they work, Haru cries thinking about Hana while Koruri comforts him. Far away, Ango tells Ryo that when he forced himself on Hana it was not out of lust but out of a desire to hurt her. Ryo points out that doing so would have meant Professor Takashi, their tormentor, would get a grandchild.

Ryo tells him to think things through next time. Later, Takahiro tells Haru that he will leave after the new settlement is built. He suggests Haru stay behind with Koruri because those two have bonded. Haru gets sad and they hug melodramatically. Madonna lso decides to go with Takahiro to learn more about the world. After the new house is built, Takahiro and Madonna leave while their friends cheer for them. Meanwhile, from far away, Mozu watches all their actions. He sounds disappointed with Ango for screwing things up. Mozu ‘s real name turns out to be Kaname, a close confidant of Professor Takashi and the person chosen as the Reaper. Yep, there really is an imposter Among them.

It is the Reaper ‘s responsibility to kill anyone who tries to mess with the growth of humanity. Kaname plans to kill Ango because of what he did to Hana, Professor Takashi a’s daughter. But, he holds himself for now because Ryo is with him. Some days later, Ango and Ryo find The Seal grounded near a beach. Team Summer B is nearby having fun. Botan, well. she’s gotten really comfortable with her nudity. Not that we a’re complaining or anything. Ango and Ryo correctly deduce that this must be Team Summer B. But they get super cautious because they think that Summer B is also full of highly trained people like Summer A. Just then, Matsuri comes sliding down a slope and she almost falls into some rocks. But, they saved her. She immediately starts simping over them because they are so handsome. Ryo and Ango agree not to reveal their past, only mentioning that they are from Summer.

A Botan asks them about their team members, and Ango lies by saying they got separated. Ango and Ryo start making notes about the group. Botan and Arashi seem to be the only ones who are athletic while the others seem like little kids. Botan talks about how these two are probably highly trained people because they are from Summer A. Seeing their knife skills, Semimaru tells Arashi that they need to be cautious of them. That night, Ango and Ryo start to believe that Summer B isn a’t specially trained like they were because of how laid back they are and how underrated they are for a crisis.

The next day Ango sees Natsu struggling with her cleaning so he goes to help her. She likes how helpful Ango is. Meanwhile, Mozu, or rather, Kaname, observes Ango and Ryo in case they do anything to harm the Summer B members. Ryo starts to suspect that they are being watched. That night, all the Summer B members prepare little entertainment routines for the group. But, Ango and Ryo do not understand the concept of entertainment, just like Ubisoft.

They ask them if they a’ve met any other teams. Semimaru recounts their experience with Team Autumn and Takahiro in a short recap format. Kinda like this video. Next, Hotaru does fortune telling as her family has experience in that. She correctly guesses Natsu to be a romantic person and also makes correct readings about the other members’ past. When she looks at Ango a’s hand, she starts crying.

But, she does not say anything. Next, Natsu accidentally spills some drinks and Semimaru laughs at her. But, Ango is supportive of her and tells her not to worry about it. Natsu starts blushing. Matsuri congratulates her for attracting Ango a’s attention and says that she will try to win Ryo a’s heart. Later, Hotaru thinks about Hibari, her cousin. Apparently, Hibari left without telling anyone. But Hotaru can sense Hibari and she is doing fine. Elsewhere, Ango goes to teach Natsu some table skills. But, Semimaru gets protective of her and goes to face him.

When he puts his hand on Ango a’s shoulder, he feels rock-hard muscles. Since being punched by Ango would not be good for his pretty face, Semimaru backs away. The next day, Matsuri asks Ryo what his birthday is. Ryo does not know it. He and Ango both realise that they were never told their birthdays. Later, Arashi and Ango find a bathtub and a toybox. Inside is a music box. Ango recognizes it as the same soundtrack playing in the background playing when their house caught on fire during the test. Elsewhere, Hibari, Hotaru a’s cousin, finds Mansaku from Team Spring who recognizes her as his long-lost teammate. So, he starts taking care of her. He says that he got separated from the other Team Spring members. Meanwhile, Ango and Ryo use their equipment and training to free the Seal from the rocks. Summer B is amazed and impressed by them.

Now that the Seal is free, they all decide to take it and navigate new lands. Before leaving, Yamori carves their team names on the rock. Kaname watches them as they sail away. Elsewhere, Takahiro and Madonna continue their journey of discovering new terrain. Madonna really likes to collect the plants of the world. Later, Madonna tells him to stay away from her during the full moon because she ‘ll act strange. Takahiro gives one of the puppies for her to adopt.

Meanwhile, Summer and B continue their journey on the ship. Ango continues being concerned about Natsu a’s well-being and she can’t understand why. Ryo guesses that it ‘s because Ango sees his dead friend Shigeru in her. Since Ango has been gloomy after they left the other Summer A members, Ryo decides to sharpen his instincts and awareness. Later that night, when everyone is playing poker, Ryo closes the ventilation. The charcoal fire causes carbon monoxide and they all faint. The silence catches Ango a’s attention and he saves everyone while Ryo pretends to help. All of Summer B thank them for saving their lives. Sometime later, Ango and Ryo find out that Arashi ‘s girlfriend is Hana. Hearing her name causes Ango a’s pain to flare up. He thinks that Arashi was selected for the 7 Seeds program only because his girlfriend Hana was Takashi ‘s daughter. Since Arashi hates Nepo-kids, the thought starts affecting his mentality.

Ryo does not like to see Arashi so disturbed. So, when Arashi goes diving for supplies, Ryo goes with him. When Arashi is not looking, he ties his leg to some weed. Arashi starts struggling but Ango arrives just then and frees him. He asks why Arashi did not use his knife and Arashi replies that he just forgot about it in panic. Ango is not impressed by the answer.

Later, they all prepare to have a sauna in the ship. They heat up some rocks and pour cold water over them. All the girls enjoy with but Natsu gets her periods just then so she goes to rest. Next, it ‘s the boys’ turn for the sauna. Ango, Ryo and Arashi are done with it soon enough but Semimaru decides to stay back. Before leaving, Ryo blocks the door with a chair. After some time, Semimaru is also done with his sauna. But, when he tries to step out, the door is locked. The ceiling ventilation is also closed because Ryo is sitting there. Semimaru screams, but no one hears him. A suspicious playing card can be seen lying on the floor of the sauna. Meanwhile, Natsu is resting due to her periods. Due to the silence, she hears the faint sound of Semimaru knocking on the door.

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So, she goes to check. Ango also follows her. They find Semimaru unconscious so he quickly carries him and puts in cool water. Semimaru wakes up and calms down. Natsu cries as she makes him drink water. Sometime later, Arashi goes into the sea to dive for more stuff. He informs Ryo before leaving. After the wind picks up, they restart the Seal and sail away. But, Ryo does not tell anyone about Arashi.

Ango a’s suspicions about Summer B team are confirmed when Natsu tells him that they are made up of random people and they were not given any special training. Ango is furious as he believes that people like Shigeru and the other students from the training facility could have been chosen instead of these worthless Summer B members. Later, the girls realise that Arashi is not on the ship. Ryo whispers to himself that it took them long enough to find out. They all realise that Arashi probably went diving again. So, they turn the Seal around. Meanwhile, Arashi comes out of the water and finds out that he ‘s been ditched. While the rest of Summer B screams Arashi a’s name, Botan sees a deuce card in a towel.

She goes to the sauna and sees the Ace card. She thinks that frequent accidents are a sign that they are not coincidences. She goes to Ango and Ryo ‘s room and finds their guns and gun maintenance kit. But just then, Ango also comes in. She apologises for being there, saying that she was looking for her own stuff. Ango is suspicious that she stole something, but she removes her clothes to prove him otherwise. Pure. Fanservice.

When Ango asks what the pendant around her neck is, she does NOT reveal that it’s cyanide. Botan is shocked to see them having guns. She thinks back to the past when her supervisor told her how to use cyanide. But, after a long time, cyanides have a risk of losing their toxicity. Arashi is just lying on the ocean surface when it starts to get foggy. He thinks about his team members and Hana. He realises that he can’t let himself die just like this. So, he cuts seaweed and builds a raft while swimming. Far far away, Hana has actually survived her incident at the river. She wakes up on a beach. Meanwhile, Arashi reaches a huge artificial platform with strange windmill shapes on them. Hana opens Mark a’s journal and reads the part about her father. Her father, Takashi, sent a message to her through Mark. Wherever she wakes up, she should do her best to live. These words reignite her motivation. Hana starts surviving on rainwater and reptiles.

A family of pigs come close to her, but she does not have the heart to eat the little piglets. Hana starts focusing on the environment around her and finds lots of food in places she never expected. She starts getting excited about the possibilities of the world and thinks back to her childhood which she spent with her parents. They always used to give her lots of lessons about the world because they knew that Hana would end up here. One day, Hana sees a strange herd of beautiful and strong horses. Now that ‘s a lot of horsepower. Since the horses are probably looking for freshwater, she goes after them, while wishing goodbye to the pig family. As she follows the herd, Hana decides to continue living, even if it ‘s just to meet Arashi. Honestly, these two are just so adorable. Elsewhere, Team Summer B continues looking for Arashi. Semimaru sends his kite flying so that Arashi may see it. Suddenly, their ship gets stuck on algae and they reach a strange place full of old ships. Botan continues being watchful of Ango and Ryo. Suddenly, Arashi sees the kite flying from the Seal. So, he goes towards it. Somewhere nearby, Summer B members come across a giant ship with Buddhist imagery on it. They got excited as all the other storage shelters had Buddhist imagery on the entrance. They also find out that Team Summer A was never told about the seven Fujis and the storage shelters. Which is why they refuse to go and investigate the ship.

However, when Natsu decides to go, Ango thinks about how he left Shigeru alone which resulted in his death. So, he also volunteers to go. Ryo also decides to go to make sure Ango does not do anything stupid. Yamori is the only one staying behind. So, Ryo tells him to bring down the sails by pulling on the ropes. Then, he drops the three of spades and leaves. Elsewhere, Hana finds a forest and freshwater.

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The pigs also follow her all the way there. Back to Summer Teams and B, They go inside the ship. Ango tells Natsu not to get separated from him. Hotaru takes a look at Ryo a’s palm lines and says that he ‘s hiding a secret. But one day, he will share it. While Ryo and Matsuri stay on deck, the others go inside the ship.

As they investigate, the lights turn on due to human movement. Back at the Seal, Yamori pulls the rope that Ryo pointed out to bring down the sails. But, it turns out that Ryo pointed out the wrong one to him. The sail knocks Yamori out to the water below. The algae is really thick so Yamori is unable to swim and he gets stuck. On top of that, the giant ship tips on its end and starts to sink, taking everyone along with it.

I Hope you enjoy part 2, all parts will he be available on mrbrw.com soon.

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