Hello Everyone in this blogpost we have explained Anime named Humans Suddenly Disappeared. This Anime is in list of top 10 animes. This is part 1 all other parts are on this website.

Humans Suddenly Disappeared part 1

It’s a normal day in Japan. Everything is as usual. Except for a small odd thing. A goddamn meteorite is about to hit Earth and wipe out life on the planet.

A 17-year-old girl named Natsu wakes up on a strange ship in the middle of a storm. Natsu accidentally falls into the waters but Some people save her and bring her on a lifeboat. All of them are confused as none of them remember how they got onto that ship.

Humans Suddenly Disappeared image

Humans Suddenly Disappeared

They continue drifting until they reach an island which they start investigating. One of them, Semimaru, is proven to be a full-time grade pervert as he touches the girls butts and waves them off as if nothing happened. So, another guy named, Arashi, scolds Semimaru and treats Natsu with kindness.

Semimaru tries to pick a fight with Arashi, but they are interrupted by the eldest girl in the group, Botan. After they all find water, they write HELP on the group and prepare to look for food. Semimaru tries to bully Natsu and makes her do his part of the work. When Botan finds out, she scolds Natsu for being so submissive.

She advises her to be more assertive and sends her to find food Meanwhile, somewhere else, a girl name Hana can be seen running away from lots and lots of creepy animals. They are just about to kill Hana but her comrades come and save her. She returns the favour by killing other monsters using her boomerang. However, one of her comrades called Yanagi gets stung. They all go back to their camp which is on the water near the beach.

These people have been here for the last two weeks and have established a sort of system. The dude named Yanagi is their leader and heârsa bit of an asshole. He is bossy, and rude and wants people to follow his commands without question. He even slaps Hana and another guy when they disobey his orders.

After that, he forcefully makes them row out to sea in search of new land. That night, Hana is keeping watch but Yanagi comes and tries to force himself on her. Just then a storm comes and shakes everything. One of the passengers gets swept aboard so Hana jumps into the water to save her. She manages to save the girl and they get swept back to the island. But, they get trapped by the monster insects.

Yanagi tries to use the unconscious girl as bait to escape but the group fights back. In the scuffle, he falls off the cliff and to the monsters. Hana, being the goody good girl that she is, tries to save him. But, the others prevent her from being such a dumbass. They go back to the beach and the group gets depressed thinking about their helpless situation. As they continue talking, Yanagi comes out of the forest.

Elsewhere, group wakes up from cryogenic sleep. When man approaches and says that he will be their leader, all the people pull out their guns and shoot the everlasting crap out of him. Why did they do that? He will get to that soon enough. Back to the second group, Yanagi says that he defeated the bugs all by himself to survive.

But, Hana notices his hand twitching suspiciously. Back to the first group, Natsu brings a mushroom to eat. Arashi eats it but it turns out to be poisonous and he gets sick. As he is recovering, Arashi says that Botan is way too prepared for survival, as if she knew something like this might happen.

Later, Botan says they need more food to survive. This reminds Natsu of the time back in the boat when she said that there should be more people out here. Since Botan seems to be hiding something, Arashi and Natsu decide to leave in secret. As they leave, Arashi talks about his girlfriend, who turns out to be Hana. Suddenly, Arashi and Natsu get attacked by giant carnivorous plants.

Elsewhere, Botan and Semimaru also get attacked by vicious rats. Arashi and Natsu get saved by a strange man called Mozu. Mozu kills the dangerous animals and gives them tips on survival. Botan also kills the rats and she reveals that she used to be a police officer.

Mozu tells them that they are a part of a government project. Botan and Semimaru also arrive. Botan reveals that she is their guide and she explains everything. It was discovered that a meteoroid would hit Earth and destroy all life on our planet. In the worst case, the 7Seeds project was created. Each country would put selected people in cryogenic sleep to ensure that humanity would continue existing even after the meteoroid struck Earth. Turns out, the meteoroid did end up hitting Earth and destroying all civilizations and people.

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Humans Suddenly Disappeared image image 1

They are the Japanese people who have now woken up. There are five teams in the Japan system: Summer A, Summer B, Autumn, Winter and Spring. Botana’s group is Summer B. The people were selected based on special conditions calculated by a computer. Arashi does not accept this story and he starts crying about his girlfriend Hana, thinking that she might be dead. Meanwhile, Yanagi takes his group to a strange place. One group member named Mansaku asks Yanagi about the project.

But, he takes them to a hole in a tree and says that the key to their freedom is in there. As they walk inside, Yanagia’s fingers start twitching. Hana notices this and realizes that the insects have laid their eggs inside Yanagi. Just then, he goes weak and little insects come out. More giant insects try to attack them, so they all scream at Yanagi to wake up. Yanagi uses all his strength and tells them that they are called Team Spring. He tells them to find the seven Fuji’s.

Then, he takes a lighter and burns himself. The fire is large and all the insects run away. With his last heroic sacrifice, all the others in Team Spring manage to survive. Mansaku and Hana say that Yanagi was a hero for saving them. But, a boy named Haru gets depressed because all he wanted to do was play the piano and win piano competitions. He tries to drown himself, but Hana stops him and convinces him to continue living. Then, they continue sailing west as Yanagi told them to.

Arashi dreams about the past, having cute couple moments with Hana. Later, Botan takes them all to the highest peak nearby. On the way, Natsu falls. But this time, Arashi does not help her. Heat’s too worried about Hana right now. Suddenly, Natsu hears someone calling for help. It turns out to be three people trapped in a pond full of alligators. Botan and Mozu kill the alligators and rescue the people.

The three introduce themselves. Matsuri is a young and energetic girl with blonde hair. Yamori is a college student and like all college students, he looks like he wants to kill himself. And Hotaru is a little girl only 12 years old. Botan says that Matsuri, Yamori and Hotaru are the remaining members of Team Summer B. She briefs them about the 7 Seeds project theya’sre in right now. Then, they continue finding new lands. Before leaving, Yamori has the idea of writing their names on the wall for other people to see. They take their raft northwest. Botan and Mozu reveal further details about the project. The people were chosen based on physical and mental health and the teams were spread out all over Japan.

Later, Yamori discovers a hand popping out of the sea. Arashi and Semimaru go out to investigate. It turns out to be the giant Peace statute of Nagasaki, meaning Nagasaki and most other cities are now underwater. Botan says that the seven Fuji mountains of Japan have storage shelters. So, they go towards one of them. They find the shelter and open the hatch. Inside, they find lots of compartments with essentials like food, tools, fabric and seeds to conduct agriculture. They set up their base there for now. Later, Arashi asks to go to see his hometown of Tokyo in the hopes of finding Hana.

Natsu decides to give him company. Deep down, shea’ss starting to develop feelings for him. As they travel toward Tokyo, Semimaru also follows them. On the way, they come across a farmer working in the fields. But suddenly, two large people arrive. They kill a duck and drink its blood directly. This turns out to be the Autumn Team. Team Autumn has already established a proper village. Their leader is a man named Akiwo even though he is not the adult guide like Botan and Yanagi. A woman named Ran works as his right hand. They have been awake for the past three years. During that time, they found their own storage shelter and built this village on top of it. That night, Ran beats up her group members because they have not fulfilled their daily chores.

Akiwo and Ran have also dominated their adult guide, Izayoi, and taken control of the group. Just then, they catch Semimaru trying to steal their food. So, Akiwo ties up the Summer B members, branding them as thieves. That night, Akiwo and Ran converse in English to preserve that language. That night, the Autumn guide Izayoi releases them. Then, he tries to poison the communal drinking water with cyanide that was given to all guides in case they woke up in a hostile environment. Arashi and Semimaru get angry at Izayoi for losing hope and they even punch him.

Humans Suddenly Disappeared image 3

Humans Suddenly Disappeared image 3

Then, they destroy the cyanide and leave. The three talk about the poison and how Botan probably has one as well. They reach a cliff but in order to reach the ocean, someone has to stay back to let them down. No one wants to do that. Just then, Izayoi comes and agrees to help them. Despite their caution, they trust him, and Izayoi rewards their trust by sending them away safely. Sometime later, the three reach land again. They talk about their sentimental past and Semimaru reveals that his mother was a promiscuous lady who spent more time having affairs with men than spending quality with him. Tragic backstory, but youa’sre still an asshole Semimaru. Later, they reach another storage shelter but this one is flooded.

They swim through it to get to the other side. Meanwhile, Hana and Haru are floating around looking for other humans. Haru says that despite being a pianist, he hates music because how he was forced to learn piano from a very young age by his strict parents. So, basically like Arima Kousei. Later that night, Hana says that Haru still secretly wants to play the piano because how he always wears gloves and protects his hands. So, Haru gets motivated and goes to the church piano where he drops a sick fire beat. Later, when they return to their group, Hana says that music will never die out as long as Haru is alive. Arashi, Natsu and Semimaru finally reach the ruins of Tokyo.

Arashi goes inside the water but he gets attacked by a giant fish. But, an adult man saves him. His name is Takahiro and he is from Team Winter. However, he is the only one left alive from Team Winter. Takahiro says that hea’ss been awake for the past 15 years. Meanwhile, Hana and the rest of Team Spring reach the flooded shelter from earlier. They are shocked to find the place so well stocked with food and other essentials. They also find a letter that Natsu left behind. As they eat dinner, Hana cries while thinking about Arashi.

Elsewhere, Semimaru gets suspicious of Takahiro as hea’ss the only survivor of his team. So, he suggests that they escape at night. Natsu has her doubts, but she leaves. Takahiro knows that hea’ss being ditched, but he does not stop them. Takahiro thinks about his own past right after they woke up in this world. Takahiro and another dude named Fubuki were extremely talented baseball players. One day, a sabertooth tiger kills their guide and other group members. Takahiro pitches and Fubuki bats a baseball at the tiger and stops it. Their group members die out and only three of them are left, Takahiro, Fubuki and a girl named Mitsuru who used to perform traditional dances. Before they leave, Takahiro puts bandages on a wounded wild dog. One day, they are attacked by the same sabertooth tiger and Takahiro gets injured. Fubuki pulls out his knife and fights it alone. Takahiro and Mitsuru use this chance to escape. The tiger kills Fubuki and turns towards them, but the dog from earlier stops it. Once Mitsuru fixes Takahiroa’ss wounds she starts thinking about Fubuki. Mitsuru loved Fubuki. So, she goes out to the ice and performs a traditional dance while thinking about him. She freezes to death. It wasna’st the cold that killed her, it was love. Takahiro wakes up and cries in pain. Just then, Fubuki comes to him. Hea’ss still alive and the two continue their survival journey. One day, the tiger attacks them again. This time, Takahiro takes initiative and kills the tiger. They finally reach a storage shelter. When Takahiro looks back at Fubuki with happiness he sees the dog in his place. Fubuki actually died in the tiger attack and it was the dog who travelled with Takahiro all this time. Takahiro only imagined Fubuki to be there. He hugs the dog as it dies from its wounds. Before dying, the dog gives birth to two puppies and Takahiro raises them. Back in the present, Takahiro talks to his dogs who have now grown up and given birth to more puppies. But, two of them are missing. He goes to find them and comes across Hana running away from a dinosaur. He and his dogs chase the dinosaur away. Hana invites Takahiro to Team Spring. He cuts his beard and ends up looking pretty nice and clean. Kinda reminds me of Eren jaeger with that cut. Later, Hanaa’ss boomerang gets stuck so Takahiro throws a rock to bring it down. Seeing his form, Hana recognizes him as the talented high school baseball player. They are supposed to be the same age, but Takahiro is 15 years older because his cryogenic sleep ended 15 years earlier.

Later, it starts raining, so they hurry back. On the way, Hana accidentally touches some weird purple gooey stuff. Later that night, Hana sees her hand turning purple. The next day, she sees a dinosaur dying from the same infection. Takahiro says that there is no cure for it yet. So, she hides the fact that shea’ss already been infected. Not wishing to be a burden to anyone, she leaves in the middle of the night. She writes her team members a note saying that shea’ss going to look for her boyfriend, Arashi. Takahiro and Haru go after Hana. She is trying to drown herself in the ocean but they save her. They find out that Hana has been infected by the purple goo. One of the puppies goes too close, so the mother dog puts it into the ocean for a while. Takahiro realises that salt is the cure.

They reach land in a different location. There, they sit in a cave while Hana struggles with the infection. Takahiro and Haru boil the ocean water and put the salt on her arms. When they go out to get some more, Hana goes outside and falls to the ground. Suddenly, Mozu appears and asks her if she wants to die. When she does not respond, he starts strangling her. Just then, Hana sees the wall carving with the names of Team Summer B. When she sees Arashia’ss name, she says that she does not want to die and pushes Mozu away. Mozu walks away silently.

Later, they find a location with a higher concentration of salt. Hana jumps in and her infection gets cured. Then, she decides to go find Arashi. Before doing that, she cuts her hair, because….. character development. Meanwhile, Arashi and the others find a ship that they can use. Elsewhere, Hanaa’ss group finds Team Autumna’ss village. But they have abandoned it because volcanic ashes have covered the whole place. Hana leaves a note, just in case someone returns. Arashia’ss team decides to return to the rest of Team Summer B. They make plans on learning how to steer the ship to reach them. They name the ship, SS Elephant and Lion. Okay, That name is wayyyy too long, so if we ever mention the ship, wea’sre calling it the S.S.E.A.L or SEAL. Meanwhile, Hanaa’ss group comes across Team Autumn living deep within some ruins.


Akiwo and Ran, the two leaders have gone out for some work. The adult guide Izayoi tells them that a girl named Kurumi is pregnant. That night, Team Autumn abducts Haru. Then a boy named Ryusei, Akiwo and Ran takes their boat. Hana, Takahiro and Izayoi follow them and they discover an artificial farm. The electricity and the network are still working. Ran also uses it to look closer into the place. Hana and the group find a corpse with a journal. It turns out to be a ventriloquist comedian named Mark. He and a few other celebrity performers are recruited by a man named Takashi to provide entertainment to this strange new place full of families. It turns out to be a shelter named the Ryugu shelter.

One night, the meteoroid struck Earth, causing panic amongst everyone in the Ryugu facility. But, a singer named Maria, no not Hwasa Maria, THIS other Maria calmed them down. One day, a flooding incident killed many people in the facility. And, they lost their food supplies too. So, Takashi sent half the people to another facility. Turns out, that the other facility does not exist and the people are being sent to be killed by a giant cutter. Takashi heartlessly tells Mark that the bodies will be used as fertilizers. But, Mark and the others have to continue their duty of lifting the moods of the people in the facility. Soon after, an infection called Tick X threatened their existence. So, Takashi puts everyone in quarantine. But, this Covid viii…irus…. I… mean Tick X virus continues spreading and killing everyone. Takashi tells Mark that the virus can be stopped if it is frozen. Then, he goes and kills himself with the spinning blade. Maria also gets infected. So, Mark and Maria spend one last night together doing the honka honka. In order to prevent the spread of Tick X, she sings like a pied piper and leads all the infected people into the freezer.

Once inside, Mark seals them shut. Then, he and the other celebrities eat cyanide pills with smiles on their faces. Goddamn, that was a sad story. In the end, Hana is shocked to see her fathera’ss picture there. Meanwhile, Akiwo, Ran and Ryusei opens the vault and see the frozen people inside. Hanaa’ss group warn them about the virus that was frozen here. So, they all seal the place and leave. When they return, they are reunited with Haru. Outside, a mysterious group in PPE outfits ask them where they came from.

When they hear about the virus, they get worried and shoot at Ran. But, Izayoi jumps in front of her and takes the bullet. After that, the group leaves. While Ran holds Izayoi he cries and asks if he was of any use. RIP Mr. Izayoi, you werena’st thaaaat great, but you were okay. Ran is full of anger at the group that just went away. They all join forces and go to Team Springa’ss camp. But, ita’ss no longer there and everyone has left. Meanwhile, Arashi, Natsu and Semimaru are learning to navigate the Seal. Suddenly, they see Hibari from Team Spring. Natsu notes that she looks a lot like Hotaru from their own group. Hibari turns out to be Hotarua’ss cousin and she says that the members of Team Summer B are in grave danger. Elsewhere, Team Summer B members are stuck in a strange place. Matsuri is the only one who is free and she goes looking for help. Elsewhere, Momota from Team Spring also wakes up in a strange place with some strange people. They take care of Momota while he recovers.

That night, he overhears the people discussing how they will experiment on Momota. So, he runs away but they catch him. Meanwhile, the combined Team Autumn, Hana and Takahiro finally catch up to them. They see them using Momota as bait to lure animals. Ran does some recon and realizes that this team has become really advanced with lots of developments like running water and hand gliders. Ran sends Ryusei to abduct the hand glider girl. Later, we find out that they are Team Summer A, the team with the best youth with high intelligence and physical condition. They were specially trained for the meteor apocalypse with prior knowledge about what would happen. So, they make a plan to rescue Momota from Summer A. Takahiro creates a fire on another side.

When the members go away, Hana sneaks in and takes Momota. But, it turns out they did not fall for the ruse. They are about to take them again but just then, one of Hanaa’ss friends screams at them, saying that they have captured the hand glider girl of Team Summer A.

Just then, deadly bats start attacking them. Hana takes command and lures the bats away. Takahiro and his dogs also get attacked by the bats. But, the other members of Team Summer A save them and they take care of his dogs. Once they catch their breath, they demand to know where their hand-gliding team member is. The girla’ss name is Koruri and she is being held hostage by Team Autumn and Spring members. Just then, some bats attack them and some team members get seriously hurt. Haru frees Koruri and she goes to get help from her team. She takes her teammate and they go back to cure the hurt woman. The man named Ban, is the healing specialist of the group. He uses his first aid kit to quickly fix up everyone. Once that is done, Koruri tells them that the bats have been an issue for a long time. So, they decide to work together to get rid of the bats. They use fire to smoke out the bats from their caves. Then, Koruri uses her hand glider to lure them to a place with hardened wood. Haru hits the wood, which now creates a high-pitched metallic sound.

The bats get unconscious and giant monitor lizards eat them. At the SEAL ship, Hibari says that she and her cousin Hotaru can sometimes sense what is happening to each other. Hibari comes from an old and noble family and she acts like a little boss, making commands to Semimaru and Natsu. Meanwhile, the combined groups start working together. Since Team Spring and Team Autumn have many members without special talents, they are put on mundane jobs like chopping wood and cleaning latrines. That night, Haru goes to the metal rods to play his music. Koruri also comes to listen. She falls in love when Haru plays Beethovena’ss moonlight sonata UNDER the moonlight. But, this makes the leader of Summer A, Ango, protective of Koruri and he punches Haru. But, Koruri steps in between and says that Ango cana’st decide whom she decides to be friends with. Later, some of Summer A, Autumn and Spring teams go to look for water. When Haru is alone, someone attacks him and throws him into the swamp. Hana and Takahiro go to look, while Ango avoids saying anything.

Very sus. Hana and Takahiro hear the sound of sticks and they follow it. Haru is almost drowning, but Hana saves him just in time. Hana accuses Ango of sending someone to attack Haru. They almost get into a fight until Summer A notices Hanaa’ss knife, as they use similar ones. Hana says that ita’ss her fathera’ss, Professor Takashia’ss and she shows them the picture that she found. Team Summer A is shook. Professor Takashi was one of their supervisors during their training. And they all hate him for the difficult training that he put them through. Hana herself is confused because she did not know that her father was involved in the 7Seeds project.

Ango thinks about all the training that he and his friends did. Ever since they were children, they were prepared for the meteor apocalypse. Ango had a best friend named Shigeru. But, he struggled with the training. Meanwhile, Ango and another boy named Ryo were the best performers in every aspect. Only the best 7 would be chosen while the ones who did not perform well were sent away. So, Ango is constantly worried about Shigeru.

One day, Ango gets into trouble for beating up a supervisor. As punishment, he is put in a vat full of animal blood and bones. There, he sees a hand, and that hand has a bracelet, and that bracelet belonged to one of the girls that were sent away. Ango realizes that the kids who are sent away are actually killed and turned into fertilizers. Absolutely brutal, man. When Ango goes back, he immediately commands Shigeru to work harder but he does not reveal what he saw. Ango himself becomes more serious and dedicates himself to work harder and harder. Shgieru sees the talent gap between himself and Ango increasing day by day. He hates being dependent on Ango so much that he starts distancing himself from him. Over time, little accidents happen all over the facility and the kids begin to die one by one. One day, their building catches fire. Everyone realizes that this is the final test for survival.

So, Ango goes and collects supplies. He brings supplies for Shigeru as well, who gets even more disappointed in himself. The students disperse everywhere. Over time, due to various factors, the students die one by one. Koruria’ss best friend is also crushed under a rock and she almost goes crazy. Shigeru still hates the fact that Ango does everything for him. He yells at Ango for treating him like an inferior person. Other members also go through a lot of pain and hardships. Professor Takashi goes to Ango and says that 5 people have been already selected. Only two spots are left remaining for Ango, Shigeru and Ryo meaning one of them must die. Elsewhere, a guy named Ukai finds Shigeru. He has a grudge against Ango for taking two sets of supplies.

So, he kidnaps Shigeru. Then, he uses morse to lure Ango. Ryo also sees this. When Ango approaches, Ukai pushes him into a hole. Shigeru tries to help, but Ukai has a gun. Shigeru says that Ango is a highly skilled person who deserves to go to the future. Ryo agrees with him and he throws a bomb into the fire, creating a distraction. Shigeru escapes Ukai. Meanwhile, down in the hole, Ango has injured his leg. So, he cana’st climb up. So, Shigeru goes in to save him.

Ryo also follows to help. But suddenly, the professors cut their ropes. Shigeru is determined to save Ango so he creates a system of climbing ropes to bring him up. However, he and Ango trip and they both dangle on the ropes. Ryo goes to help them, but then he realizes that he must make a decision. So, he cuts Shigerua’ss ropes. Shigeru smiles as he falls, happy that he could finally do something for Ango. Seeing this, Takashi congratulates Ryo and Ango for being the last two people to be selected. However, the 7 students are absolutely traumatized. None of them wants to continue with the project. But, a supervisor named Unami slaps them and forces them into cryogenic sleep. And that is why, when they woke up, they killed him. Ango is still traumatized by the whole thing. Team Summer A asks Hana if she knows a man named Kaname, who was one of the leaders of the 7Seeds project. They say that the leaders secretly added a person called ‘The Reapera’s to one of the groups and this person called Kaname could be it. The job of the Reaper is to attack the teams so that they will get stronger. But, no one knows who the Reaper is among us.. .. I mean Among them. Ango suspects the reaper to be Hana because she is Professor Takashia’ss daughter.

So, he gives her more chores as a way of indirect punishment. Hana decides to leave the group because she is being treated like an outcast. Haru and Takahiro also agree to come with her. But, Ango stops her and forces her into a room, saying that she will pay back for everything that her father did. Ango undresses her and tries to force his way on her. But, another Summer A member named Madonna comes and stops him. Hana takes this chance to run away. So, Ango kisses Madonna, much to her shock. I mean, this kid is so turn on!.

Meanwhile, Hana stops at a secluded place and starts crying because of what just happened. She thinks back to the time when Arashi saved her from some bullies. Meanwhile, The SEAL gets stuck on something and is unable to move. So, Arashi and the others go to land where they find Team Autumna’ss abandoned village. As they investigate, Natsu finds the note that Hana left for Arashi. But, she hides it. However, Semimaru snatches the letter and finds out the truth. Semimaru is actually supportive of her feelings for Arashi. But, he says that she must do the right thing by giving Arashi the letter. Just then, Matsuri and Mozu arrive at the scene. She tells them that Botan and the others are about to die. They all go to that place and they dig out the Summer B members from where they were stuck. Hotaru and her spoilt brat cousin Hibari also meet up. While Hotaru is excited, Hibari still acts cold and bossy with her.

Humans Suddenly Disappeared image 4

Humans Suddenly Disappeared image 4

Later, while they bathing, Semimaru gets excited seeing Botana’ss naked form. Botan is okay with it, as long as Semimaru is willing to be a father. But, Semimaru is not ready for that kind of commitment. He might just end up going on a long trip to buy milk. Then, Botan tells Mozu about her miscarriage and her divorce from her husband. But, she still wishes her ex-husband to be happy. Natsu thinks about how Botan wished happiness to her former husband. So, she goes and gives the letter to Arashi.

Semimaru quickly saves her by saying that he was the one hiding the letter. Elsewhere, Hana, Takahiro and Haru prepare to leave. The other girls from Team Autumn dona’st want her to leave, but they respect her decision. Just as shea’ss about to sneak out, Ryo comes in, saying that theya’sre going on a mission in dep within a cave to collect fresh water and he commands Hana to come along.

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