Lecty again felt nervous because the visitors teased her, making her feel embarrassed, and she ran away. At the same time, Loyd, who happened to come to the cafe, realised that the girl in maid clothes was Kanata’s student. Shortly after, Misora? came to the cafe and approached Lecty, who was hiding in an elevator. After Misora? learns about Lefty’s special training, she? decides to help Lecty by dressing up in fashionable clothes and helping serve the customers.

The male customers seemed happy with their presence in the cafe because they could enjoy the beautiful scenery for free. When Lecty saw Misora’s agility in taking orders and serving customers, she was amazed by the confidence that Misora? had. At the same time, Loyd calls Lecty to advise her about her social anxiety problem. He tells her to believe in the training provided by Kanata and begins to learn to socialize with Misora. As time passes, Loyd believes that Lecty will become more confident and have the same spirit as Misora. After hearing his advice, Lecty became more confident to undergo the training and learned to communicate well with customers.

In the afternoon, after the special training, Kanata treated Misora? and Lecty to some ice cream and invited them to relax in the city park. Lecty then said that she already knew the purpose of Kanata’s special training: to eliminate her social anxiety. On the other hand, Misora? started to complain that she failed to complete the special task given by Kanata. She? began to realize that she had not been able to get to know her friends well because she didn’t know anything about the social anxiety that Lecty had. Kanata then said that, in fact, Misora? has learned to find her own weaknesses through the training. He advised her? to understand these weaknesses and learn to overcome them.

That night while in the office, Kanata began to study Misora’s files to analyze her potential. He was surprised that Misora? attacked more often using her sword than her magic power, even though her sword ability was very weak while her magic power was much higher. Chloe, who overheard this, seemed amazed by Kanata’s sincerity in teaching the three students. She wondered how Kanata would explore the potential of the three students considered the most stupid in the academy. The next day when class started, Kanata ordered Misora? to stop using the sword and focus on magic defense techniques because her sword skills were terrible. Unfortunately, she? refused to give up her sword skills even though Kanata had given her that assessment. Misora? said that at first, she thought Kanata was a great teacher, but after hearing that request, she? again felt disappointed in him. While holding back her tears, Misora? immediately ran away from the classroom.

It turned out that she? didn’t want to let go of her sword because of the memories left behind by her late mother, Socie Whitale. In the previous generation, Socie Whitale was one of the most outstanding sword knights in the Sky Wizard academy and was able to defeat hundreds of beetle monsters in one fell swoop. Many were amazed by her greatness, and one of the people greatly inspired by her power was Misora? herself. That’s why, since Kanata ordered Misora to stop practicing the sword, she? felt very sad and often visited her mother’s grave. She? didn’t even come to the Sky Wizard academy and didn’t show up to the cafe to help out Lecty for the past few days. After realizing that Misora? had been absent from the academy for a few days, Kanata felt sorry for her? and decided to pay a visit to Misora’s? family’s steakhouse.

When he arrives, he meets Misora’s father, a famous chef in the city. When Misora? saw Kanata’s arrival at the entrance, she left her work and hurried away. After she? left, Kanata approached Misora’s father and introduced himself as Misora’s teacher at the academy. Then Kanata saw Misora’s mother’s photo and said that Misora? really looked like her mother. Misora’s father told him that the photo was the only way they could remember her. As it turned out, whenever a Sky Wizard knight like Socie was killed, everyone would automatically forget about that person. Misora? was the only person who still had many memories of her mother, so she? often told other people about Socie. Misora’s father then told about Misora’s small life, where her mother spent most of her time as a Sky Wizard knight, so she had to act as a housekeeper.

Whenever Socie returned home after serving as a knight, she always tried to be a good mother to Misora. Even though she often made mistakes, Misora? always felt happy when she saw her mother return home. Every time Socie came home, she took Misora? to fly around the city and try to entertain Misora? in her spare time. Whenever in Misora? heard the news that Society was coming home, she always asked her father to prepare steak for Socie. But one day, when Misora asked her father to cook steak for her mother, he suddenly didn’t remember anything about Socie. It turned out that that day Socie was declared dead after she fought a very strong enemy, and the only person who remembered her was Misora. Misora’s father only remembered Society after the Sky Wizard officers came to inform him of Socie’s death and handed over her magic sword to Misora. Since then, Misora? has been determined to become a great sword knight like her mother.

After hearing the story, Kanata met Misora? at Socie’s grave and asked her? to let go of her sword one last time. But Misora? still refused to do that and insisted on continuing to practise using her sword to become a sword knight like her mother. She said that the sword was the last piece she had from her mother, so letting go of the sword was tantamount to forgetting her own mother. Seeing Misora’s determination, Kanata smiled and said that she could still use her sword as a weapon. He only wanted to test her willpower. Now he knows how to practise her sword skills. Hearing that, she promised that she would do her best to improve her sword skills. The next day, Kanata re-trained Misora? and Lecty to fight in the skies and asked the two to start taking all training seriously.

Along with the training period, he registered his team to participate in a tournament that will be held in the next few days. He even collects data about the team that will be his team’s opponent to develop a battle strategy. He realizes that the three students who will be his team’s opponents are tough opponents, but Kanata remains optimistic and prepares the best strategy. Unlike Misora? and Lecty, who underwent intensive training, Riko chose to be relaxed and rarely attended special training. Riko continues to be narcissistic and thinks a goddess like her doesn’t need to undergo additional training or follow academy rules. After preparing for a long time, Riko didn’t go straight to the academy for training but preferred to relax in a cafe. Coincidentally, she met Kanata at the cafe and began to tell him that he had just met a beautiful figure from another world.

However, Kanata thought that Riko had just seen a ghost or supernatural being, but it turned out that the beautiful woman she was referring to was herself reflected in the mirror. Kanata couldn’t help but smile at that statement and got used to her narcissistic attitude. He even complied with her wish when Riko said she would not attend special training for the next few days. The next day when Riko came to class, Misora? and Lecty asked her to train with them. However, Riko refused because a goddess like her didn’t need such training. Misora? still didn’t give up and tried to persuade her to join the training together because they would be participating in a match. Unfortunately, she refuses to join them again because she doesn’t want to embarrass herself in a match they won’t win. Kanata, who heard Riko’s statement, admitted that avoiding a fight that was impossible to win was the right course of action, but he claimed that he already had the plan to win the match. Kanata then invited Misora? to practise swordsmanship in the sky and show her? a secret sword technique. After he summoned his magic sword, Kanata gathered a lot of magic energy in the blade of the sword before he finally shot all the magic energy toward the sky to create a powerful explosion. Misora? then tried to do the same technique with the help of directions from Kanata and succeeded on the first try. Unfortunately, her energy was still not strong enough for Misora? could only fire the sword cannon three times a day. On the other hand, Riko began to observe Misora and Lefty’s training using her clairvoyant vision power. When Riko saw Misora’s cannon fire technique and Lefty’s acrobatic sword technique, she thought Kanata could strengthen the two poor girls.

While Riko was busy observing them from under the sky, Kanata suddenly appeared behind her to ask her opinion about the training. Riko said the sword cannon technique he taught was great but ineffective in combat because charging magic on the blade would take more time. And the enemies would have a chance to attack Misora? before she? had a chance to launch an attack. Kanata was aware of that from the start, but Riko’s analytical skills and Lecty’s close combat could cover all of those weaknesses.

He said that each person’s role is very important, and the key to victory lies with all team members. Therefore, he wants Riko to join her team to participate in the match and support her friends so they can win the match. Hearing this, Riko was surprised because Kanata had never forced her to participate in special training as if he had no interest in training her. Kanata said he trained Misora? and Lecty more so their abilities could be on the same level as Riko’s. Hearing that, she felt proud of herself because Kanata had recognized her ability, so she decided to join the competition. On the next day, when the match was about to start, Riko and the rest of the team rushed to the arena. Unfortunately, just before the match started, the Mystogan Defense announced an attack by beetle monsters around the island. As a result, the match had to be postponed because everyone would be evacuated, while the best Sky Wizard knights would be deployed to fight against the monsters. Chloe, Yuri, and Loyd had prepared on one side of the island to face the beetle monsters, while Kanata chose to help the officers evacuate the residents. But not long after that, some of the beetle monsters managed to break through one of the island’s shields and sneak in through the gaps of the hole. Hundreds of demon beetles invade the island area, and Kanata’s team decides to help deal with the beatles before a big mess occurs. Soon after, Misora? filled her sword with magical energy and fired a sword cannon at the beetles. However, because she? was still not proficient with the sword, she still couldn’t control her power, so the resulting cannon fire was too large and damaged the island’s facilities.

Fortunately, she? managed to kill some of the beetle monster troupe, but the damage caused by her attack was quite severe. From inside the control room, Freon ordered the knights to look for the Chimera beetle or the commander who led the beetle monsters. All beetle monsters will automatically retreat if they find and kill the Chimera beetle. Surprisingly, after Misora? managed to kill the Chimera beetle, the beetle army still continued to appear. Kanata said that, most likely, there was more than one Chimera leading the attack, so they should find another Chimera. On the other hand, Yuri and Chloe were starting to worry about the beetle troop that had successfully invaded Mystogan Island. But Loyd assured them that Kanata would definitely overcome the beetle army and protect Mystogan Island from the enemies.

Back to Kanata, who ordered Riko to find Chimera using her clairvoyant vision power. After scanning various areas, she managed to find the presence of a giant beetle moving from one direction. Then Kanata ordered Misora? to deal with the beetles that entered from the island gap. And Lecty would be assigned to deal with the beetle troops that had infiltrated the city area, while Kanata would try to kill the Chimera beetle. Suddenly, several troops of beetles approached Misora? and shot light at her. Fortunately, Kanata could move quickly and instantly save her? from the attack. After that, Kanata began to use his ultimate sword technique and used all the magical energy he had to deal with the beetle army. With lightning speed light, he shot toward the Chimera beetle and fired a blast cannon at the monster. As a result, he managed to kill the Chimera, and the entire beetle army retreated from Mystogan Island. Yuri and the other Sky Wizard knights finally realized that Kanata had defeated Chimera.

After the fight against the beetle army ended, the match between the academy teams resumed. Misora? and her team felt confident that they could beat the opposing team, but during the match, they lost by a large difference in points. Although Kanata had previously been optimistic that his team would win, he was not surprised by the defeat because it was their first match. A few days later, the head of the Sky Wizard academy received a proposal from the Sky Wizard security division to speed up their training program and conduct much more realistic training. Since the beetle troop invasion incident that happened the other day, Kanata began to train his team harder. Kanata asked his three students to burst hundreds of balloons in the sky, but unfortunately, they could still not unite their strength. They attack the enemy separately in different ways and do not fight as a team. Soon after, Misora? shoots erratically in all directions. Riko prefers to dress up because she is lazy to fight, while Lecty panics because there are many balloons surrounding her.

On the other hand, Freon suddenly held a meeting to find out who should be responsible for the damage to the facilities in the city center. After she discovered that the person who caused the damage was team Kanata, she decided to suspend team E601 for a few days. Besides that, Freon plans to dismiss Kanata from instructor duties because he can still not make the E601 team grow. Kanata is considered to have failed to teach the importance of teamwork and attack strategies in a fight. Meanwhile, Kanata’s team looked annoyed after hearing the academy’s decision to suspend their team. Even though their team had fought hard to repel the beetle army, that action didn’t seem to get any appreciation at all.