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Boy is Extremely Overpowered but Instead is Considered a Traitor part 1

Lets start Recap in English ….


The anime is set in a magical academy on an island called Mystogan that floats in the sky. In the magic academy, each student is trained to gain their magic power and fighting abilities to defeat the beetle monsters that often invade Mystogan Island. At that time, civilization on the earth’s surface had been destroyed by the beetle monster’s attack, so the remaining humans moved to Mystogan Island and lived on the island. Therefore, it was important for every generation of humans present on the island to develop themselves and evolve into a stronger group. At one time, a horde of beetle monsters came around Mistogan Island, so the best wizards from the Sky Wizard academy were assigned to fight against these monsters.

At that time, a great male wizard named Kanata Age and his friends were mobilised to fight against the beetle monster and protect Mistogan Island. Soon after, Kanata fought in the front row with his three friends, Yuri Flostre, Chloe Sevegny, and Loyd Alwin. They used all their strength and abilities to prevent the thousands of beetle monsters from attacking Mistogan Island. Unfortunately, even though they had managed to kill a lot of beetles, the monsters still continued to arrive in such large numbers that they were increasingly cornered. Seeing the increasingly precarious situation, Kanata asked Yuri and the others to retreat and protect Mistogan Island while he faced all the remaining monsters alone.

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Because Yuri was badly injured, Loyd and Chloe decided to return to Mistogan Island and entrust everything to Kanata. Just as Kanata was about to issue the ultimate attack, a giant beetle monster suddenly appeared among the beetles and started shooting a beam of light at him. But he kept calm and prepared to deal with the attack with one final strike using his magic sword. Suddenly, a huge explosion occurred, and a very bright light filled the sky. The scene switches to the moment when the situation on Mistogan Island is safe again, and Kanata has returned to his usual activities in Sky Wizard.

That day, Chloe gave a report to the head of the Sky Wizard academy, Freon Flamel, regarding three female students who had no achievements and were in danger of being expelled from the academy. The three students referred to by Chloe are Misora Whitale, a girl who has never had any achievements; Lecty Eisenach, a girl who is very shy and rarely socialises with other students; Rico Flamel, Freon’s younger sister, who is very narcissistic and thinks she is an incarnation of a goddess. Hearing that, Freon felt that the three girls needed a different instructor from the other student instructors.

Therefore, she asked Chloe to summon Kanata to her office so she could give him a special task. Meanwhile, Loyd approached Kanata, who was doing an inspection at the Sky Wizard academy’s file warehouse to audit the inventory on Mystogan Island. Kanata felt that the stockpile of weapons in their academy was often running low, so he suspected that someone was secretly stealing the supplies. Loyd then told Kanata to go to the academy head’s office during lunchtime because Freon wanted to discuss something with him.

Even though he was reluctant to go to her office, he still went there and met the head of the academy. As Kanata was about to head to another academy building, he accidentally bumped into Misora, who was enjoying jam buns in the backyard. As a result, her jam bun fell right on top of his pants, making Misora think of Kanata as a pervert. Just as she was about to nag Kanata, he suddenly disappeared from her presence and went to the field sink to wash his pants. At the same time, Riko, who was always being narcissistic, was there and accused Kanata of being a pervert because he was only wearing boxer shorts. Riko turned around while talking about her beauty charm and thought that Kanata had taken off his pants because he was fascinated by her. But when Riko turned around, Kanata again suddenly disappeared and moved to a nearby bathroom to put on his pants. Unfortunately, the same thing happened again to him.

He accidentally met Lecty, who was changing clothes in the bathroom. She was surprised to see him who appeared in the women’s bathroom wearing only boxer shorts. As a result, she accused Kanata of being a pervert, the same as the two girls had done before. Kanata then walked to the academy’s administration building to meet Freon while regretting his decision to take a shortcut and having to meet the three girls. In her office, academy students who saw Kanata always looked cynically at him and accused him of being a traitor. When Kanata passed the stairs, he ran into Yuri, who called him a traitor. It’s still unknown why many people call him a traitor but based on Yuri’s reaction, it’s related to the incident where the beetle and his team attacked. When Kanata arrived at Freon’s office, she explained that he would be assigned as an instructor of the three worst students in the academy that semester. Kanata originally intended to refuse the assignment, but he was forced to take up the instructor’s assignment because no other instructors were available.

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After receiving the files from the three exiles, Kanata went to the Fireteam E601 class to meet his students. As he walked down the academy corridors, he again received ridicule from other academy students who considered him a traitor. However, he didn’t care about the insults, as if he was used to such treatment. Meanwhile, Misora, Lecty, and Riko were discussing the perverted youth they had previously met, and shortly after, the person they were talking about suddenly appeared in their class. Kanata then introduced himself as their new instructor, and the reactions of the three girls looked less than happy after finding out that the person who was going to be their instructor was a pervert.

Even more so when they found out that Kanata was a person who had been known as a traitor in the academy. Misora ? refused to accept Kanata as their new instructor because she saw him as an apathetic person who didn’t bother to know their characteristics. But Kanata refuted the accusation by reading out all the information he had gathered from the files of the three girls. However, Misora ? was still reluctant to accept Kanata as her instructor. She ? explained that Kanata had fought against the beetle monsters six months ago and survived the attack. But after that incident, he refused to carry out any other missions for the past six months, making his team fail to take a very important level-up exam. Since then, Kanata has been dubbed a traitor because he has made his team and academy lose hope.

However, he informed them that it was the academy’s decision that he would remain their instructor even if they didn’t like him. Kanata then told the three girls that he had once held the title of a great magic swordsman and was nicknamed Black Swordmaster. Kanata claims he can train them to become stronger and more powerful warriors than the other students. Hearing that, Misora ? and the other two girls became interested in learning sword techniques from him and began to get excited about their training. In the first training, Kanata will test the abilities of the three girls by fighting head-to-head in the sky. He flies using a flying board and says he can still face the three girls even though he doesn’t use flying magic. Confidently, he told the three girls that the training would end if they could defeat him.

Soon after, Kanata went through the clouds to await the attacks of the three girls while Misora ? and the other two girls started chasing him separately. He regretted that they didn’t go after him in groups or use any strategy. During the training, Kanata began to analyse the abilities possessed by each student to find out their strengths and weaknesses. He found Misora ? had movement speed and stamina, which was great enough that he began to manoeuvre in various directions to make it difficult for Misora ? to find him. Shortly after, Lecty appeared behind Kanata and prepared to do a melee attack using her sword. When she attacks, Kanata concludes that Lecty has quite agile and accurate movements, but she is still often hesitant to issue attacks and often apologises to him. He realises that Lecty has considerable potential, but he still has to train her to overcome the doubts within her. At the same time, Kanata began to feel the emergence of attacks from a distance originating from the aiming signal of the laser that was about to be fired by Riko. Fortunately, he dodged the light bullet and protected Lecty from the shot. He realised that among his three students, Riko was the one who was the best at analysing.

Kanata finds out that Riko purposely weakened her firepower upon knowing that the light bullet was about to hit Lecty. But Riko didn’t want to admit it because she felt proud in front of him. On the other hand, Misora ? was still flying in all directions to find Kanata and still failed to find him anywhere. In the afternoon, he decided to end the training for the day so that the three students could rest. Arriving at the academy dormitory, Misora ? and the other two girls felt frustrated that they couldn’t beat Kanata alone. In the evening, Kanata came to the academy dormitory to visit the rooms of his three students. But when he arrived, the three girls were shocked because Kanata suddenly entered their room while changing clothes. They then pointed their guns at him and asked him to leave their room. On the next day’s training, Kanata told his three students that he would provide special training to each student with different training. Riko, who always thought of herself as a goddess, was reluctant to join the special training, so she chose to leave the lesson.

However, Kanata made no effort to stop Riko and let her do what she wanted, while Lecty and Misora ? would still carry out the special training separately. He then invites Lecty to the shopping centre to buy a sexy maid costume. Afterward, Kanata ordered Lecty to distribute a hundred flyers in front of the mall building while wearing these costumes. She felt very embarrassed and nervous, but she continued to do the activity as best she could because Kanata was part of the special training. As for Misora, Kanata orders her to follow Riko all day and discover her two weaknesses. At first, she ? refuses to do that because she doesn’t know much about Riko, but because Kanata forced her, Misora ? is forced to follow Riko secretly. On the other hand, Lecty is still trying to muster her courage to distribute the flyer to mall customers. As the boys approached her, she became more nervous and panicked, but she tried to use the opportunity to distribute the flyers to them. After the first challenge was successfully passed, she slowly began to dare to distribute the flyer to more visitors.

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Meanwhile, Misora, who had been assigned to follow Riko from the start, is caught by her, making her think that Misora is fascinated by her charisma. Then Riko invited her ? to do activities together, and she ? i was happy to do that. As far as Misora ? observed, Riko has a very random taste. She likes to buy philosophical books that are very difficult to understand but like cute stuffed sheep. Seeing Riko’s strange tastes and actions, Misora ? was confused about her weakness. Unlike Misora, who is still having trouble carrying out her mission, Lecty has gotten used to the crowds and is starting to dare to distribute flyers to every visitor.

As a result, she completed the special task and went straight to Kanata, who was relaxing in a cafe. Kanata praised Lecty for having the courage to face her fear and gave her the next special task. He said that he had registered Lecty as a part-time waitress at the cafe, and from that day on, she would work serving every customer in the cafe. When Lecty appeared in front of the cafe, the patrons started calling her to deliver their orders.

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